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The first to use his hands, Rajib is a dynamite which is always close to bursting. Is almost always late to class with the excuse that he woke up late and was having tea


A silent sweetheart, Mison more  than covers up for his  lack of speech with a heartwarming smile and handshake. His vibe will always make you smile!


Full of energy, she never fails to brighten up your day with her endless stories of gossip!


Meet Kavya, she is 100% confident that she can get away with anything just because of her smile, and she is probably right.


Khatoon can always be seen bossing the other girls around, but actually is a sweetheart who easily blushes on camera!


The class clown, we always find Khwaji aimlessly roaming around class, but never actually studying.


Meet Sahid, like his older brother Ishran, he is an inspired artist and loves to go for spontaneous runs all around the park!


Aditi cleverly uses her puppy dog eyes to get away with much more than we ideally allow. At the start she is usually silent but very difficult to contain once she gets in her flow!