While it's incredibly difficult to run a school, we are thankful to our facilitators, on ground assistance and help, we derive a lot of help from our wonderful partners ❤️

Padhai me Tez

Lead by the amazing Kukkoo and her team, Padhi mei tez uses virtual focused sessions to reinforce basic concepts of language, maths and science. An initiative by Dr. Reddy's foundation, Hyderabad.

Un Math School

Unmath school brings a fresh take to the fundamentals of mathematics by using real world examples, props and activities to drive away the fear of maths and make it exciting, fun and stimulating.

Pehlay akshar

Pehlay Akshar, with their comprehensive teacher training programs, allows our facilitators to create the perfect learning environment based on the principles of appreciation, motivation and engagement.


SpED@home provides a blended learning platform for our students and provides occupational therapy and helps create individual learning plans.