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About Us

  • While we have 55 individual stories, here’s one which is particularly close to our heart. The story begins with a young boy named Rakib, torn between their hometown of West Bengal and the enticing city life of Mumbai, his parents making the tough move to Bombay.  

  • In search of a better life, his parents left their hometown to work tirelessly from early mornings to late evenings which left Rakib  without supervision and vulnerable to societal evils. This did not sit well with us, and the thought of so many more students like Rakib going without a quality education was not something we wanted to entertain. Hence, we created Shikshantar.

  •  Shikshantar, registered as Iqradhya Foundation, provides a nurturing academic environment for these unprivileged children. Shikshantar, derived from ‘Shiksha’ (Education) and ‘Antar’ (with a Difference), represents our modest endeavour to cultivate a more compassionate and optimistic world for children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

  •          Having completed a year of operations and being totally volunteer driven, we   are delighted and grateful for the progress we’ve made, continually improving to make a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children, and eagerly looking forward to doing even more in the years ahead.


At Shikshantar, we’re all about giving each student the attention and guidance they deserve. Our main mission is to help these young minds become superstars in their own right. We want to give them the skills and the right mindset to create awesome futures for themselves. We’re not just here to guide them – we’re here to boost their confidence so they can not only follow their dreams but also make their own cool paths in life. Shikshantar is like a friend, creating an environment where every kid can find their special talents and shine. We’re here to make sure they’re ready for a future full of exciting possibilities and success!

What do we have?

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